New Construction Home Buying Tips

Advice From The Experts When Building A Home

In this market, things happen FAST. Just because you’re high on a waiting list doesn’t mean you get the first choice of homes at the builder’s next release. Working with a Premier Agent could get you an advantage…

There is an inventory shortage in new construction too! Builders usually only release 4-5 homes a month nowadays, and when they have hundreds and hundreds of buyers on the waitlist, it tends to make things very aggravating. While some builders open up the release to bidding (ie bidding wars), some do a lottery where even if you were first on the list, they make everyone on the list race to a website and grab a slot at a particular time. At that point it’s just a race to see who can click the fastest.

The agents at Premier Agents Network have their fingers on the pulse of new construction in the Triangle area. We’re constantly talking with builders to find out what’s coming up and when homes will be released. We feel that a strong relationship with the builders and their sales agents helps our clients when it comes to getting contracts. Give us a call so we can strategize with you so you have the best chance of getting a contract in a very aggressive market!