Do You Need A Buyer Agent
For A New Construction Home?

Expert Representation for your New Construction Purchase

Will I get a discount if I don't have an agent? NO!

Most buyers think they get a discount in new construction if they don’t have an agent, but the vast majority of the time that’s not true. Builders have a budget for neighborhood marketing and that money is allocated whether it’s paid to a buyer agent or not.

Plus in most cases builders prefer you have representation anyway, because then they don’t have to worry about you not understanding the process

So why not have someone on your side that can help you:

#1 – Get the contract

#2 – Negotiate with the builder

#3 – Hold the builder’s feet to the fire when they inevitably try to get away with not doing something?

Remember, the sales agent at the neighborhood works for the BUILDER. Their job is to get the BUILDER the most money possible. A Premier Agent will help you navigate what are and are not good upgrades, if for no other reason than for easy resale whenever you decide to sell in the future.

Additionally, when you tell us what you want to stay within a particular budget, we’ll help you pick the best options to maximize that budget!